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Receiving a well wrapped gift can be just as exciting as receiving a gift. Wrapping is all about the details, the extra touches, that are not essential but are thoughtful and special for the gift receiver. At Christmas time especially, I love adding personal touches to my gifts, such as handmade gift tags, stamped paper, decorative/washi tape, embellishments like string, ornaments ie. bells or a christmas tree decoration, twigs, holly, stickers, confetti, glitter and special treats like candy or chocolate. I like that the wrapping is the beginning of the gift and what is to come…hopefully a thoughtful and loved present. Below are some beautiful wrapping ideas, just in time for Christmas.

gift wrapping

{love the initial gift tags}

Christmas wrapping idea

{handstamped card + a touch of nature}

Christmas Wrapping

{gorgeous stamped paper + ornamental bell}

@Becky Hui Chan Price Youll

{twine + fern wreath}

Cute wrapping!

{great idea for the kids}


{fun + quirky}

Pretty paper rosettes.

{for the miinimalist}

Wrapping Presents Using Plain Paper and Photographs

{black + white photography adds such a beautiful personalised yet unifomed touch}

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