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I initially had a different plan for this gorgeous paper but on a whim decided to make my own wall decal. We have one long wall that spreads the length of our dining room and joins our kitchen, family room, bedrooms and deck area. As we walk past this wall many times a day, I like having something christmassy on it. For the last few years,  I have had wall stickers in this spot but they looked tired when I pulled them out of the christmas decorations box, so this is what I came up with…

wreath2 copywreath4 copy wallwreathwallwreath2

MAKE | Wall wreath. Take different colours of scrapbook paper and cut or punch into circles. Use double-sided tape or blu-tac and stick circles on to wall to create an inner circle, then create an outer circle around the inner. Add some dots in different sizes in a few gaps to balance the wreath.

OR | Christmas garland. Take circles (I took the circles left over from the wreath) and holepunch one hole in the top of each circle. String through some pretty string (I cut the string first to the length of where I wanted it to hang). Stick/tie each end of string up. Spread circles across the length of the string.

OR | Christmas placemats. Take original scrapbook paper and turnover, place a dinner plate into the centre and stencil around with a lead pencil. Cut out shape and turn back over for circle placemats. Use two or three colours/patterns and alternate on dining table.


DIY | Christmas garland


DIY | Christmas placemats


Images | CC for seekdarelove