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Yesterday marked the first day of summer and we got to bask in a glorious 30ºc day. I thought I would share 20 things with you all that I just love about this season…


#1 The sun (an obvious one but I really HATE being cold).

#2 Daylight savings – more light is good for all (well, except for putting the munchkins to bed).

#3 The beach + ocean. Enough said.

#4 Summer fruits. Mangoes, cantaloupe, honeydew, cherries, grapes mmmmm.

#5 Christmas! Love, love, love…pretty much all of it.

#6 My Birthday (just a few days after Christmas).

#7 New Years. Hanging out with friends, sparklers and the count down to new possibilities.

#8 Champagne – great any day of summer!

#9 Shortbread. My mum’s to be precise, melt’s in your mouth buttery goodness.

#10 BBQs. Meat + salads + bread + tomato sauce yum.

#11 Public Holidays. Thank you.

#12 Re-runs. Sit-com marathons kick it up a notch on public holidays.

#13 Thongs. Go to for all summer outfits and so comfy.

#14 Icypoles. A refreshing treat.

#15 Floating in a pool. Serenity and peace.

#16 Sunglasses. Multiple pairs, for all occasions.

#17 Hammocks. Relaxation at it’s best.

#18 Water balloons. Fun, fun, fun.

#19 Wide brim hats. Shade and a little bit of glam at the same time.

#20 Antipasto. Great for entertaining and for lazy afternoons.


Image | CC for seekdarelove