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In the last few weeks I’ve spotted one of my favourite inspirational books in two gift + homeware shops (I first came across this book 7 or so years ago). ‘When I loved myself enough’ by Kim McMillen is a collection of affirmations that reminds one to take the time to focus and listen to oneself. That when you love yourself first you are happier and more at peace and that love resonates to all those around you. Here is a snippit of some of my favourites…

When I loved myself enough
I learned to say no when I want
to and yes when I want to.
When I loved myself enough
I quit exhausting myself by
trying so hard.
When I loved myself enough
I quit settling for too little.
When I loved myself enough
I came to know my own goodness.

I think we all go through phases when things weigh us down and life in general seems harder than it should. I have to admit I’ve been feeling like that recently. So after seeing this book again for the second time, I felt like it was a sign so I came home and got mine out. This book got me reflecting and thinking what do I need to let go of to be happier? What do I beat myself up about? How would I know I loved myself enough? What would that look and feel like? Asking yourself this is more challenging that you would expect, I guess because being honest with yourself initially makes you feel quite vulnerable. But I do believe it is quite a powerful and insightful excercise. I have listed some of my own affirmations below. I would love to hear yours, please share yours by commenting.

When I loved myself enough
I realised that it was ok if things
didn’t go to plan.
When I loved myself enough
I stopped trying to justify or make sense of things
that were not in my control.
When I loved myself enough
I no longer seeked validation from others.
When I loved myself enough
I no longer doubted my intuition
but followed it.


Credit image | CC for seekdarelove