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Who doesn’t like receiving a gorgeously wrapped package? So gorgeous in fact, for a split second you don’t even want to open the package because it already seems so perfect. Then you remember, there is actually something inside. I think these package finds are so delightful that I just had to share them with you. To the package givers, give yourself a pat on the back for being so clever and thoughtful.

1. Message tape by Oh, Hello Friend – like everything the gorgeous and super clever Danni does, this tape is charming and delightful. There is only one rule, use it everywhere. Simple tear at the end of each message and stick. Too easy!

Message tape

2. MoTex embossing label maker from Larkmade. This maker is just too cute not to get addicted to label making and the different colour tapes just seal the deal!

Label maker

3. Seen at Minieco.co.uk this DIY word search wrapping paper is so cool and fun. Much easier than you think, Kate from Minieco shares the ‘how to’ here.

wrapping paper

I hope this has you inspired next time you have a package to wrap. Happy packaging and giving!