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With award season in full swing I have been gushing over glamorous gowns! Since I can only dream of wearing such beautiful craftmanship – as far as I know there are no A list parties I am expected at anytime soon, I have decided to hold my own gala later this year. Timing wise, I’m thinking late July will be good as it will be Winter here in Melbourne and hopefully people will be ready to dress up for a night out after being cooped up inside.

Now that I have planted the seed in my mind, my party planning ideas are in full swing. I’ve decided on a classic ‘black’ event and can already visualise the invites, table, decorations, flowers, candles, cocktails, canapes… I am yet to run the whole idea past my hubby (yikes). I think I mentioned it in passing but not sure I have conveyed that it is something I really want to do. This tiny hiccup aside, lets plan a party! I would love all your help and will keep you posted on the details in the coming months.

rg gown

Gabrielle Gown Rachel Glbert


Credit Images: Vogue UK