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It has been getting cooler here in Melbourne as we farewell Summer and fully embrace Autumn. I have always thought Autumn is such a romantic season, with so many shades of amber. I love watching the leaves change colour and shed, ready for new growth and beginnings (I also love the crunching sound under one’s feet).

I remember as children, how the cooling temperature didn’t deter us from being outside. Yesterday, I watched my boys play with the same gusto outside that we once did, relishing the last drops of daylight, their cheeks flush and pink from running around in the cool breeze. I look forward as a family to a few Autumn picnics, going to parks and taking strolls along the beach (our beaches are beautiful all year round) – encouraging all of us to spend some more time outside this season.

When it comes to Autumn fashion, it is all about layering light weight garments whilst remaining uber comfortable – knits, scarves, tights, skirts… Don’t be afraid to be playful and use colour, afterall it’s not Winter yet!


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