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We are back from our Vacation and back to reality (hence the lack of posts in the last week!). Thank you for letting me have some R+R – I did get that cocktail and I am happy to say I am half way through my book, The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.

However, today I am thrilled to be sharing the last of the three Easter projects. I chose the Easter tags for our last project as it is a lot of fun, less time consuming than the previous 2 projects and all the equipment for this project can be found at your local craft store making it the easiest of the three (especially since Easter is fast approaching). So, here we go…


1. Equipment

You will need the folowing things:

  • Card (I have used 210 gsm)
  • Stamp paper cutter (or scissors)
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil
  • Printing block (8x8cm) lino
  • Lino carving cutters
  • Ink
  • Bakers twine


2. Prepare, draw + cut printing block

Firstly, roughly cut your printing block into four smaller squares. Draw your design on one of the squares. Cut around your design with the lino carving tools. I started with the smallest tool around the outline, then moved to a larger tool. I found that I didn’t need to dig too deep. The aim is to leave enough indent to make a stamp ie. the design should be raised after carving.

Tip: Remember when drawing your design to draw it as a mirror image to the way you want it to turn out ie. when you turn the design over and face down, is the image facing the right way?





3. Cut your card

Cut your card in to any shape you like. I have used a shaped punch/cutter.



4. Ink + stamp

Dab the ink over your stamp. Turn your stamp over and position over your card. Once positioned press down firmly and lift the stamp slowly. Leave to dry. I love this ink by Colourbox, you get 4 or 5 ink colours in one!

Tip: Wash your stamp before adding ink to remove any remaining pencil lead from your design, otherwise it may come through with the first stamp with ink.




5. Repeat

I have repeated the process a few times with different colours. Simple wash your stamp in soapy water, dry thoroughly with paper towel or a cloth. The ink stain will remain but will not effect the change in colours. For my last stamp run, I cut the legs off my design with the lino carving tools for something different.


6. Holepunch + twine

Once dry, holepunch the top of each tag and add bakers twine. Then decorate – I have added mine to glass jars for a centre piece. You can add these to gifts as gift tags and write on the back.




I hope you have enjoyed our three Easter projects. Please leave me a comment if you like. Have a lovely Easter break and I will be back next week with regular posts.


Credit Images – CC by seekdarelove