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Welcome back to Week 2 of our three Easter projects, this week I’ll be sharing the ‘how to’ of this bunny table runner. This project is a little more involved than last weeks project, mainly because you have to allow for drying time, lets get started.


1. Equipment

You will need the folowing things:

  • Material (I’ve chosen to use linen)
  • Scissors
  • Roller
  • Fabric paint
  • Cutting mat
  • Pen knife cutter
  • Sticky tape
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Paper/newspaper
  • Sewing machine

E22. Prepare your table runner

Cut your material to the size you desire. Mine is approximately 50cm x 135cm (taking into account hemming). Iron and place on your workbench/table or floor. I placed newspaper under mine to ensure the paint won’t go through to the table.

E3E43. Design + cut stencils

Draw your design on some paper or cardboard. For this design I need two cut outs. I have chosen the bunny from last weeks tutorial (minus the circle) and these flowers, which I have been waiting to use (they are from the book Hand Painted, details are in my post Bookstore). Stick down each corner of the paper/cardboard with sticky tape on your cutting mat before beginning to cut, use the pen knife to cut each stencil.

E7E5E64. Mix paint + print

For this runner we are going to do 3 print runs (one for each colour). We are going to start with the flower stencil. As you will have to wait for each colour to completely dry before the next run, it is important to only mix the colour you need before use. For my first colour run I am using yellow. Place your stencil down on your fabfric where you want the image to appear. Make sure your roller has adequate paint but not too much, roll over the stencil back and forth until the paint completley covers the inside of the stencil. Gentle lift up the stencil. Place the stencil somewhere to dry, I put it on another piece of paper.

E85. Second colour

Follow step 4, with your second colour. I have chosen apricot/orange for my second colour. You can throw away your flower stencil after you print. In between print cycles I laid my runner over a clothes horse to dry. This is also makes sure that the fabric doesn’t stick to the newspaper if the paint goes through.

E106. Third colour

For the third and final print run we are going to use our second stencil, the bunny. For the bunny, I have chosen an aqua colour. Once again, follow step 4 with your chosen colour and your second stencil.




7. Iron + sew

Once dry, iron the table runner to set the ink. To do this, place baking paper onto the dry image and iron on top (do not iron directly onto the image). Also, do not leave the iron in one place too long, depending on the heat of your iron, iron for approx 5 minutes (the back of the ink will have recommended heating times).

Hem all sides. I did the length sides first before the width sides. My hem is approximately 1.5cm. Once hemmed, iron on reverse side.



8. Accessorise

Your bunny table runner is already to deorate and use!


So, what do you think? Please leave me a comment if you like. What I like about stencils is the design possibilities are endless. Also, this is a great project to do with kids (if you are a little relaxed about the end result), kids love to help, use paint and rollers. In next weeks project we will be making our own stamp to use on some fun Easter gift tags.

Week 3, Thursday 28 –  Gift tags (with chicks – they were feeling left out).

Thanks for stopping by and remember to check back next week for our final Easter project.


Credit Images – CC by seekdarelove