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Last night I watched the first episode of ‘The Biggest Loser’ and the finale of ‘Master Chef – The Professionals’ in Australia, two reality programs I don’t watch regularly but both raised the same feeling and question in me (and they both made me tear up), the question was ‘are we all destined to a specific purpose?’. Whether we are starting a journey/venture or ending a challenge, is everything destined?

2013 has been a year of questions for me, I’ve been looking to fulfil a deeper sense of my self ie. following passions and ideas that have been brewing for a while that are true to who I am, my authentic self (yes hubby, I quoted Oprah). No matter what you are doing, I believe we all have a sense of who and what we are at our core. Recently, I was at an event where the room was asked ‘if you could open any kind of shop, what would it be?’, as I knew many of the people in the room, I was amazed, impressed and surprised in what people would do. It made me think a couple of things, from ‘wow’ to ‘never judge a book by its cover’ to ‘how odd’ – no really how odd! Which shows, I guess, how many of us are just doing and being and in turn, being perceived as people we don’t believe we are.

My message then is (and I know you all know this to some degree), we do only get one chance at this, our life, I deeply believe you know if what you are doing isn’t right for you. So, are you living your best life? Can you envision your shop? Are you opening it, so to speak? If you aren’t, what are you doing to put that open sign out…


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