I don’t usuallly post on weekends but this weekend there seems to be sooooo much happening. This is a special Sunday post, as I mentioned in Wednesday’s post (Books > Decorate) I am currently taking part in Holly Becker’s 4 week e-course Blog Boss. Being a newby in the blogosphere I’m trying to learn as much as I can to give you, my readers the best of me and in turn, seekdarelove. The assignment for this week is to do a case study on 8 blogs that you believe rock and why (two of them are to be fellow students).

I guess it’s like anything the more you search the more you find amd I am truly amazed how many talented people are committed to producing and creating interesting and beautiful content to share with well, everyone. Here are my 8 picks and why…

1. Oh, Hello Friend

This blog is adorable and charming in every possible way. Danni shares everything from craft, to DIY, vintage finds and her life generally. The layout and styling is lovely and you feel that you are in a vintage shop perusing the wares instead of where you really are, in your living room.

2. Stephanie Sterjovski
Blog2Stephanie is a photographer based in Toronto. Her blog is primarily about fashion, beauty, styling and photo shoots. I love this blog because it always looks modern and fresh. There is always tonnes of beautiful photos and you are instantly drawn into Stephanie’s personality, vibe and style.

3. Little Bits of Lovely

Blog3This is an fabulous blog by a fellow Australian, Rachel from Sydney. She shares beautiful images of fashion, muses, trends and lifestyle. Rachel has recently announced on her blog that she is about to start a new venture and blog and I look forward to following this blog from the beginning.

4. A Beach Cottage
Blog4There is so much I love about this blog. The name for starters – I just love the beach. This blog shares all things beachy and vintage. Originally a blog about Sarah’s beach cottage renovation,  this blog shares beautiful and charming photos of DIY projects, furnishings and styling. I love the use of white and raw materials and how she upcycles vintage finds, mixing the old with the new. The colour palette is always crisp and inviting and really stays true to Sarah’s aesthetics.

5. 4 Men 1 Lady
Blog5This is a fun and clever blog I came across before I knew anything about blogging. What I love about this blog is how this mum of four men (I have 3 and a boy dog – does that count?) shares her daily live, finds and creative process. She uses her own home as inspiration and shows readers her projects from design to craft to upcycling.

6. The Pyjama Gardener
Blog6This is another adorable blog about a gardener and her cats. I love the personal touch of this blog, you really feel like you are having a cuppa with the writer. She shares stories about her garden and cats, as well as fresh produce, recipes, crafts and vintage trinkets. Anyone that loves animals as much as I do, is a shoe in for me.

7. Paper Peony (fellow student)

Blog7This blog is by a fellow student, Cathy who has a stationery design studio in Stellenbosch. Cathy shares her love for all things stationery as well as her own designs. This blog is beautifully laid out, with lots of colour and photos.

8. Martha Jean (fellow student)

Blog8This blog by a fellow student, Ana. I chose this blog because I instantly related to Ana, her love of art, design and creativity. She is also a mother of two children (and a fellow Melburnian) and I felt while reading her blog, that like me, she is trying to find the balance + time for her creative pursuits. Ana’s blog is also modern and minimal which I really like.

So, what do you think? Some great blogs hey?



Ps. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t give a brief mention to The Design Files as another favourite (however Holly used this in one of her example’s and thus it was exempt from the above).