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With St Patrick’s day around the corner, I thought this was a beautiful way to reflect on luck. St Patrick’s day is symbolic with clovers, lucky charms, lepricorns, the colour green and the Irish culture + people! Luck to me, seems to be quite arbitary, we often say ‘you’re so lucky’ or ‘that was lucky’ but one has to choose or make a decision to be in any place or situation before ‘luck’ can happen. Maybe luck is really actioning opportunity. I do think the concept of luck is nice – lucky charms bring hope and strength. Where, words or phrases of luck usually means one is fortunate, thankful or grateful.  So I give a big nod to luck (whilst crossing my fingers and twirling my lucky ring). As for the festivities of St Patrick’s day, they are always fun, cheerful and high in spirit. I hope you get to share in some of the celebrations this weekend.