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I know when we brought our house two years ago I couldn’t wait to dress it up (so to speak) and decorate it. As soon as we walked through the space I knew I could make it a home. Colour, textures, objects and furniture have always inspired me and I am very proud of our home and its aesthetics to date.  I’m fascinated and in awe of those that can see/feel a space and create a sanctuary.

So when it came to what I wanted to share for my next Bookshelf post, design extraordinaires seemed to feel right and the below three books came up trumps! Not only are these three talented ladies (which I am a HUGE fan of) best selling authors they are stylists, decorators, designers, bloggers, teachers – which proves you can be a jack of all trades and a master of…all!

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Credit Images – CC for seekdarelove

1 :: ‘Decorate Workshop’ is the second book by Holly Becker, renowned for her hugely successful blog Decor8. This book is half guide (‘how to’) and half journal. Holly takes you through 8 steps to creating and transforming your home. Beautifully laid out, with tonnes of tips, pictures and examples. This book is super friendly to use and you do feel like Holly is having a conversation with you, while she guides you to learn and take control of your own style and home.

Update – In my ‘In the Mood’ post I mentioned my desire to enrol in Holly’s e-course blog boss, I thought I would share we are in our second week and I am loving it.

2 :: I initially brought ‘Home Love’ by Megan Morton as a coffee table book as each page is adorned with beautiful images and easy to follow styling and decorating tips. However, this book is so so much more – it has a zillion (okay 100) inspiring ideas for creating beautiful rooms and thus a beautiful home. This is Megan’s first book, at the end of last year Megan released her second book ‘Things I Love’ which has been just as successful.

3 :: ‘How to Decorate’ by Shannon Fricke was a Christmas pressie from my beautiful sister-in-law (+ family). This book is such a delight and really delves into the design process, detailing how to use colour, fabric, textures and so much more in your own home and space. This is a workshop in a book and beautifully illustrated and laid out. A must for anyone who wants to be inspired and learn the practical side of design.

Does anyone have a decorating book they think is just gorgeous and highly recommend? Please let me know, I would love to hear.