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Spotted, bunnies in stores everywhere, which we all know means one thing – chickens are to follow? No, well probably but it also means Easter is upon us (wasn’t Santa just here?). Easter, like Christmas is another holiday I tend to get right into. I have always felt the Easter weekend allows everyone to slow down and relax, enjoy one another’s company and just be. After all, who can resist the traditional easter egg hunt, the family gathering with a much more modest meal and of course the over consumption and concealment of one’s loot of eggs? Plus bunnies and chickens are irresistibly cute…

This Easter we will have the joy of staging our own easter egg hunt for the boys before heading over to my parents for another egg hunt (Grandad isn’t ready to hang up his bunny tail quite yet) and lunch. For the occasion, I thought it would be fun to make a few things and have decided to make 3 Easter projects and share the tutorials with you. Starting next Thursday, I will post one project a week until Easter. Each Thursday I will share the following weeks project. Our first project will be:

Week 1, Thursday 14 –  Bunny totes (for the boys to collect their eggs with)

Make sure you check back to see the tutorial’s and finished projects.


Credit Image – CC by seekdarelove