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I thought I would round up February ‘the month of love’ with the below quote. Of course we all got to share in the buzz and frenzy of Valentine’s day but more significantly for me, I got to celebrate 6 years of marriage to my lovely hubby (where has the time gone?). Our first meeting wasn’t very romantic (we met at a New Year’s eve bash) but our love story has been everything I ever dreamed of – from moving in together, travelling an itsy bit, buying a house, creating a home and getting married – the icing on the cake being our two boys + muppet (aka Storm our pup).

I have been very lucky to be surrounded by couples that have always demonstrated love, respect and a commitment to their relationship. My parents have been married 34 years and are clearly still in love, evident to all those that know them, mainly due to the little things that I believe are the big things – holding hands, making time for one another, sharing ideas, thoughts and housework. My grandparents have been married 50+ years and are inseparable, they cook together, garden together, walk together, do chores together and finish each other’s sentences. Both my parents and grandparents endlessly show their love and support for one another and us, their family.

A True Love Story Never Ends

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What is your love story? I would love you to share it with me. I hope everyone’s love story never ends…