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Christmas wrapping


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Receiving a well wrapped gift can be just as exciting as receiving a gift. Wrapping is all about the details, the extra touches, that are not essential but are thoughtful and special for the gift receiver. At Christmas time especially, I love adding personal touches to my gifts, such as handmade gift tags, stamped paper, decorative/washi tape, embellishments like string, ornaments ie. bells or a christmas tree decoration, twigs, holly, stickers, confetti, glitter and special treats like candy or chocolate. I like that the wrapping is the beginning of the gift and what is to come…hopefully a thoughtful and loved present. Below are some beautiful wrapping ideas, just in time for Christmas.

gift wrapping

{love the initial gift tags}

Christmas wrapping idea

{handstamped card + a touch of nature}

Christmas Wrapping

{gorgeous stamped paper + ornamental bell}

@Becky Hui Chan Price Youll

{twine + fern wreath}

Cute wrapping!

{great idea for the kids}


{fun + quirky}

Pretty paper rosettes.

{for the miinimalist}

Wrapping Presents Using Plain Paper and Photographs

{black + white photography adds such a beautiful personalised yet unifomed touch}

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Christmas DIY | wall wreath


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I initially had a different plan for this gorgeous paper but on a whim decided to make my own wall decal. We have one long wall that spreads the length of our dining room and joins our kitchen, family room, bedrooms and deck area. As we walk past this wall many times a day, I like having something christmassy on it. For the last few years,  I have had wall stickers in this spot but they looked tired when I pulled them out of the christmas decorations box, so this is what I came up with…

wreath2 copywreath4 copy wallwreathwallwreath2

MAKE | Wall wreath. Take different colours of scrapbook paper and cut or punch into circles. Use double-sided tape or blu-tac and stick circles on to wall to create an inner circle, then create an outer circle around the inner. Add some dots in different sizes in a few gaps to balance the wreath.

OR | Christmas garland. Take circles (I took the circles left over from the wreath) and holepunch one hole in the top of each circle. String through some pretty string (I cut the string first to the length of where I wanted it to hang). Stick/tie each end of string up. Spread circles across the length of the string.

OR | Christmas placemats. Take original scrapbook paper and turnover, place a dinner plate into the centre and stencil around with a lead pencil. Cut out shape and turn back over for circle placemats. Use two or three colours/patterns and alternate on dining table.


DIY | Christmas garland


DIY | Christmas placemats


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Secret Santa gift ideas


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We all seem to get roped into at least one Secret Santa/Kris Kringle each Christmas but just because there is a limit on the how much you can spend doesn’t mean you have to resort to chocolate or a bottle of wine. Shop my Secret Santa gift guide below, where all gifts are $25 (AUD) or under and a nice alternative for your co-worker, relative or friend. I know I would be happy giving or receiving any of these.

secret santa

Shop for Her | Floral water bottle | Small glass closh | Scented candle | 3pk notebooks | Bowl of shea

Shop for Him | iPhone 5 cover | Hype tee | Tabletop ping pong | The Tournament | AFL Trivia Box


Choc-rum balls


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These choc-rum balls are one of my ‘go to’ recipes for a dessert or bite sized snack. It meets all my requirements for baking – easy to make, not too many ingredients, super tasty + mourish and actually doesn’t require any baking. They make a perfect treat for Christmas entertaining, I think it’s the coconut, it makes you think of snow.rum balls9rum balls6


  • 1 pack of Marie biscuits (Arnotts)
  • 395g Condensed milk
  • 2 Tsp of Coco powder
  • 1 cup of Coconut
  • Shot of Rum or Baileys (recipe can be made without + with young kids I usually opt for without)


  1. Crumb pack of biscuits and place in a large bowl (I do this by placing a 1/4 of the pack into a glad bag and hitting/rolling biscuits with a rolling pin until crumbed, repeat until all biscuits are crumbs).
  2. Add coco powder and stir through biscuits.
  3. Add condensed milk, rum and 1/2 cup of coconut.
  4. Combine mixture with spoon.
  5. Sprinkle the other 1/2 cup of coconut into a bowl/plate.
  6. Roll mixture into 2cm balls and place 5-6 balls in bowl of coconut, cover ball with coconut.
  7. Continue step 6 until all mixture is gone.
  8. Store all balls in an air tight container in fridge.
  9. Makes 30+ balls.

rum balls2rum balls3rum balls5rum balls

Enjoy these bite sized treats after the main meal.


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Yesterday marked the first day of summer and we got to bask in a glorious 30ºc day. I thought I would share 20 things with you all that I just love about this season…


#1 The sun (an obvious one but I really HATE being cold).

#2 Daylight savings – more light is good for all (well, except for putting the munchkins to bed).

#3 The beach + ocean. Enough said.

#4 Summer fruits. Mangoes, cantaloupe, honeydew, cherries, grapes mmmmm.

#5 Christmas! Love, love, love…pretty much all of it.

#6 My Birthday (just a few days after Christmas).

#7 New Years. Hanging out with friends, sparklers and the count down to new possibilities.

#8 Champagne – great any day of summer!

#9 Shortbread. My mum’s to be precise, melt’s in your mouth buttery goodness.

#10 BBQs. Meat + salads + bread + tomato sauce yum.

#11 Public Holidays. Thank you.

#12 Re-runs. Sit-com marathons kick it up a notch on public holidays.

#13 Thongs. Go to for all summer outfits and so comfy.

#14 Icypoles. A refreshing treat.

#15 Floating in a pool. Serenity and peace.

#16 Sunglasses. Multiple pairs, for all occasions.

#17 Hammocks. Relaxation at it’s best.

#18 Water balloons. Fun, fun, fun.

#19 Wide brim hats. Shade and a little bit of glam at the same time.

#20 Antipasto. Great for entertaining and for lazy afternoons.


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Christmas | Table top


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There are two main focal points when it comes to Christmas, the tree and the table. I must admit I love both. The tree is a family affair, we hang all the decorations together, put on the star and turn on the lights…and there it is, beautiful and glowing, just waiting for Santa. Then there is the table, left mainly to me (if hosting), the table is a very special place, it’s the place where we all come together…we share a meal, share stories, laugh and watch our bellies grow. A meal shared reminds us how lucky we are, we know we are because we are together, surrounded by love, with abundance…and to me that is what Christmas is about. A reminder that we have all we need and that we are loved. Above is my table edit, this season I seem to be lovin’ gold (usually I’m a silver girl), I would use the wreath on the table with candles inside or hung on a wall close to the table. I’m also lovin’ the confetti wine glasses, so so fabulous! Happy entertaining with loved ones!




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When I think of jumpsuits, the word ‘playful’ instantly jumps to mind. These jumpsuits encapsulate just that playfulness – fun, fresh + feminine. They are perfect for the summer months ahead and with a few accessories you can take this look, from day to night! For day, team with gladiator sandals, a wrist full of bangles, tosselled beachy hair, wide rim hat and sunnies. For night, pull hair back into a loose bun, add statement earrings, clutch and strappy heels. Have fun with this piece, the allure of the jumpsuit (for women and men alike) is the how! How do you get in it and how do you get out of it…once that is sorted, wear with confidence!

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A friday thought


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I just finished Conversation with Creative Women (Volume two) by Tess McCabe, which was brimmed with inspiration, advice and lessons (you can see my previous post on this book here). Megan Morton, Stylist was one of the talented women interviewed. I have been a fan of Megan Morton for quite some time and her interview resonated with me, inparticular this quote. I think it’s a wonderful life lesson as much as it is a professional one – about confidence (in oneself), trust (in other’s), sharing (giving) and reward (karma).